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Min. Order 2000 square meter
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Update Time 2018-09-05
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Primarily used in windows to improve energy benefits or to decrease noise.  Our Insulated glass comes as a prefabricated unit made of two or more glass panes with alloy aluminum frame filled with desiccant between, which are then edge-sealed together with compound sealing glue (butyl, polysulfide and structural silicon sealant).  

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Double Glazing Glass, also known as Insulating Glass, Insulated Glass and Hollow Glass, is made by two or more layers of Low-E Glass, clear or tinted Reflective Glass or normal clear or tinted Float Glass. The space between the glasses is field with air or argon and sealed with sealants and aluminum spacers. Normally, the glass layer is tempered or laminated to ensure safety.

Product features:

1) Thermal performance: Lower U-value (heat conductivity) effect can be enhanced by filling Argon in the air spacer. The building, which used insulated glass, will take the effect of warm in winter and cold in summer. It save the energy fee about 20%-40%.

2) Optical Performance: Flexible to select various light transmittance & solar reflection rate as per the needs. 

3) Sound Insulation: General IGU can reduce 30db, if IGU filling with Argon another 5db can be reduced.

4) Dew point resistance: Less than -65℃, better than Chinese National Standard of -40℃ for IGU dew point.

5) Sealing: Aluminum frame is formed at one time, but sealant & structural sealant or polysulfide sealant double sealing ensures a good sealing