Tempered Glass

Time: 2018-03-23
Tempered glass(toughened glass) and semi-tempered glass(heat-strengthened glass) are made of single high-quality float glass(annealed glass) which is processed by air-cooled quenching method after around 720 ℃ heat,resulting in greatly improving its strength,impact resistance, acute heat/cold resistance,can satisfy the safety need for various architectural building, also for furniture ,shower room,home appliance(such as range hood glass,stove glass),etc.

Normally, tempered glass thickness is 3-25 mm and heat-strengthened glass thickness is 3-15 mm.
The comparision between tempered,heat-strengthened,annealed glass: 

Tempered glass has two kinds of form,that is,flat tempered glass and curved tempered glass, so does heat-strengthened glass,Curved tempered/heat-strengthened glass is processed by heating the glass to softening point,sending to cooling section,forming the glass to match the shape of cooling facility,then cooling.It can be made into many types:curved laminated glass,curved insulated glass,curved coated laminated glass etc.

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