Laminated Glass

Time: 2018-03-21
Laminated glass is made of two or more glass panes with PVB(Polyvinyl butyrate) interlayer film bonded under heat and pressure.


Safety Once broken,the broken pieces of laminated glass would not fall down or shoot away,enable the human or facilities be protected from hurt.

Safeguard The laminated glass has strong resistance against theft,malicious destruction and violence

Sound-insulation The PVB film has insulation function to the noise wave,thus the transferring of noise can be weakened.

Anti-UV The additive of PVB can filter 99% of the ultraviolet ray from the sunlight and protect the interior decoration from aging or fading caused by UV.

Heat-insulation The laminated glass(specially for colorful laminated glass) can reduce the solar radiation,saving energy and air-conditioning cost

Fire-proof When heated or roasted,the laminated glass will not break or collaspe quickly so as to keep the fire from spreading.Time can be saved for warning, human’s evacuating and extinguishing

When broken by unexpected force,the broken pieces will be bonded by PVB with radial crack but hurting no people.The original shape and visibility can still be kept for continuous use for certain time.

As per people’s different requirements,we can make many types: clear/colorful laminated,coated laminated,tempered/HS laminated,curved laminated, bulletproof laminated, decorative laminated etc. widely used in car windscreens and high buildings or some places have security requirements just like bank,jewelry cabinet and so on 

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