What type of glass is the glass of the high-rise building?
  Toughened glass and semi tempered glass in many domestic and foreign building curtain wall are used, but Hongkong and foreign engineering in high-rise building curtain wall tends to adopt semi tempered glass and insulating glass made of it, such as the Jinmao Tower in Shanghai, the financial center of Hongkong and the United States Sears Building two. And now more use of semi - tempered glass laminated hollow glass, glass broken after a greater residual strength, the general situation will not fall. Hongkong ICAC new office building, large curtain wall adopts semi tempered laminated insulating glass, and specially in the local use of tempered glass, and set clear signs to indoor in the event of an emergency the personnel can break the glass to escape and rescue. Laminated hollow glass semi tempered glass and its combination is therefore recommended in the construction site in general; in vulnerable to impact, impact and cause harm to the body parts, such as doors and elevation in the 5m below the glass River, use glass and glass combination stress is greater than 95Mpa. The glass curtain wall should be set with or canopy greening, to prevent passers-by near. In a word, the design should be people-oriented, and more safe materials should be used in accordance with the actual situation.

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