Problems in the application of fireproof glass partition wall

1. The confuse of fireproof glass and fireproof glass wall

Glass is used as a partition wall for several years. The main advantages are: improving the transparency and brightness of the building, which is lighter than the traditional wall, and can improve the effective use area and speed of construction. But the fireproof glass and fireproof glass partition wall are two different products. The fireproof glass is only a component or part of the fireproof glass partition wall, and is combined with the mosaic frame and fireproof sealing material to form the fireproof glass partition wall.

2. The use limit of insulated and non insulated partition wall is not clear

If the non insulating fireproof glass as material composed of fireproof glass partition wall, the flame to heat radiation and heat conduction through the glass, the glass back to the fire, the temperature rising, when reached a certain degree, the heat will make people not to touch or combustible in the case of a flame, burning or ignition.

3. Problems in the construction of fireproof glass partition wall

The fireproof glass partition is made up of fireproof glass, frame, sealing material and cushion. It is a complete system, and the fireproof frame is the most important component. At present, the awareness of the fireproof glass partition as a complete system in the domestic market has not been popularized. There is no standard product manuals for the installation of fireproof glass partitions, and there is no special qualification requirement for construction units. Therefore, it is often seen that the decoration company buy fireproof glass according to the design requirements and install it by itself. During acceptance, the product report of fireproof glass is provided. It is not known that frames, hardware fittings and so on should be chosen for the material structure of fire-resistant glass partitions during fire test.

4. Mixture of fireproof glass and fire door on fireproof glass partition wall

In engineering, large area glass doors with fireproof glass partitions often use free doors of floor springs. Most of them have no sealing system and cannot be used as fire doors. In order to be beautiful, some places must use fireproof doors, but the names of products on inspection reports are often fireproof glass partitions or fire-resistant glass.

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