What is building glass?
The main type of building glass (architectural glass) is flat glass, which has the advantages of crystal clear, smooth, light transmitting, sound insulation, heat preservation, abrasion resistance, climate change and material stability. It is made of quartz sand, sandstone or quartzite, limestone, feldspar, dolomite and soda ash as main raw materials, through crushing, sieving, batching, high temperature melting, forming, annealing, cooling, processing and other processes. The function of building glass is no longer just to meet lighting requirements, but also has the characteristics of regulating light, heat preservation, heat insulation, safety, bullet proof, anti-theft, fire protection, radiation protection, electromagnetic interference prevention, art decoration, etc. With the continuous development of demand, the molding and processing methods of glass have also developed new. Now, new technologies such as interlayer, toughening, ion exchange, glaze decoration, chemical thermal decomposition and cathode sputtering have been developed, making the amount of glass in building rapidly increase, and become the third largest building material after cement and steel. I hope you have some help in understanding the building glass, and I wish you a good life.

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