Brothers Glass Industrial Development Co., Ltd., which is one of the leading glass suppliers in China. BROTHERS GLASS has three major glass plants in China, they are located in the south and north China respectively. BROTHERS GLASS strictly adheres to the ISO9001:2000 and Chinese Safety Glass Compulsory Certification (CCC) standard,   SGCC and own the certificates. BROTHERS GLASS is specialized in producing customzed safety mirror glass, toughen glass, laminated glass. hollow glass. which used for curtain wall , furniture, windows and doors,  balustrades, fencing, shower room, green house,etc. BROTHERS GLASS focuses on product development and quality control. We provide high quality by relying on a group of professional and veteran workers. BROTHERS GLASS staff members are knowledgeable in glass field and they are eager to provide you with all the expert information and guidance needed to achieve your project goals.